Our first and formost importance is Safety as you or your family member is learning how to advance thier skills  no matter if it is learning how to increase the ground work abilities of controling the horses feet forward, backwards, left, and right or under saddle performing a wide varity of exercises that is designed to advance your skills systematically.

We offer all types of lesson horses that are availabe to learn on that are used based on your riding experience. For the ones that want more than just taking lessons on our walk, trot, canter quarter horses,  We are known for also using the famous Icelandic horses that we have imported from Iceland for people that would like to learn how to ride a 5 gaited horse.

If you have the pleasure of boarding your horse at our facility, we will also allow you to take lessons using your own horse once your they know the basic exercises.

Our Begginer (level 1) Intermediate (Level 2) Advnaced (Level 3) exercises that is the basics to each Level will first be mastered so it can be used in real life situations out on the trail when you have your own horse to enjoy

1) Roundpenning Exercises
2) Desensitizing to the Lead Rope
3) Desensitizing to the Stick and String
4) Yield the Hindquarters
a) Stage One
b) Stage Two
5) Backing Up
a) Method 1: Tap the Air
b) Method 2: Wiggle, Wave, Walk and Whack
c) Method 3: Marching
d) Method 4: Steady Pressure
6) Yield the Forequarters
7) Lunging for Respect Stage One
8) Flexing the Head and Neck
a) Steady Pressure
b) Bumping on the Halter
c) Poke and Flex
d) Flexing From the Opposite Side
9) Sending Exercise
10) Circle Driving
11) Lunging for Respect Stage Two
12) Leading Beside
13) Fundamental Desensitizing
a) Slap and Walk
b) Helicopter Exercise
c) Head Shy Exercise

1) Flex With the Bridle on the Ground
2) Flexing at the Standstill
3) One Rein Stops
4) Cruising Lesson
5) Follow the Fence
6) Diagonals
7) Touch and Rub Exercise
8) Yield the Hindquarters From a Standstill
9) Yield to a Stop
10) Bending at the Walk
11) Bending Transitions
12) Vertical Flexion at the Standstill
13) Draw to a Stop
14) Yield the Hindquarters and Back Up

1) Changing Sides
2) Run Up and Rub
3) Desensitizing to Plastic Bags
4) Slap and Tap
5) Changing Eyes
6) Touch and Rub
a) Nose
b) Poll
c) Forequarters
7) Outback Exercise
8) C-Pattern
9) Throw to a Stop
10) Sidepassing on the Fence
11) Leading Behind
12) Turn and Go
13) Circle Driving Transitions
14) Line Driving
15) Circle Driving Transitions on the Long Line
16) Bridle Bending
a) Forward and Around
b) Yield the Hindquarters
c) Yield the Shoulder
d) Back Up

1) Vertical Flexion at the Walk
2) Cloverleaf Exercise
3) Yield and Bend
4) Post ‘N Circle
5) Yield the Hindquarters on the Fence
6) Yield the Hindquarters and Sidepass on the Fence
7) Rollbacks on the Fence.
8) Vertical Flexion at the Trot
9) Shoulder In/Shoulder Out
10) Serpentine Exercise
11) Yield the Hindquarters and Bring the Front End Through
12) Down and Around
13) Bending With Vertical
14) Leads Exercise
15) Sidepass From a Standstill on the Fence
16) Stop on Whoa

1) Lunging for Respect Stage Three
2) Backing Angles
3) Backing Circles
4) Leading Rollbacks
5) Jumping and Crossing Obstacles
a) Jumping Over Barrels
b) Crossing a Tarp
6) Pick Me Up Off the Fence
7) Backing Serpentines
8) Outback Exercise on the Long Line
9) Lunging for Respect Stage Three on the Long Line
10) Long Line Changing Directions
11) C-Pattern on the Long Line
12) Sidepassing Off the Fence
13) Stirrup Driving
14) Flex and Lead by the Ear
15) Leading by the Muzzle

1) Two-Tracking Stage One
2) Sidepassing Off the Fence
3) Counterbending at the Walk and Trot
4) Vertical Flexion at the Canter
5) Rollbacks in the Corner
6) Advanced Rollbacks
7) Yield the Hindquarters on a Straight Line
8) Two-Tracking Stage Two
9) Collected Lead Departures
10) Flower Power
11) Backing Circles on the Ground With the Bridle
12) Backing Circles Under Saddle
13) Counterbending at the Canter
14) Drive to a Stop
15) Backing Shoulder In/Shoulder Out
16) Post-to-Post Rollbacks
17) Neck Reining